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So, last night of freshers! And we all dressed up as pirates, and went out. It was awesomeeeeeeeeeee.

The whole Uni dressed up, not just us - though I'm not entirely sure that sticking on some eyeliner (as sexy as it is) constitutes dressing up as a pirate. But it was a bloody good night, quite drunk now, but luckily I am not in lectures or anything tomorrow.

What I don't get is that Sun - Thurs it is PACKED, come weekend it is actually completely empty...unless everyone goes to liverpool, but that is a TREK away.


I've almost been at Uni a week now! Yet still have had no lectures, or seminars, though I have met my personal tutor - eep!

I love my Halls, everyone is pretty much awesome, and our Student Assistant is a mental case - but one who gets us free shots in town. So much drinking this week, though I feel I've been good - and Manchester is definately better than Liverpool =[

Rundown is basically as follows

Sunday - SU Bar and live band at Venue - such a good band, got v. v. drunk
Monday - hungover, stayed in and fell asleep watching Goldeneye.
Tuesday - drinks in ormskirk (this is where the free shots come in!) then out in Liverpool. Finished the night with a donner burger and chips. Om nom nom.
Wednesday - pajama party in the upstairs flat! Cake and drinking games.

So, my 5th night...probably going out, ahhh fun times.

But, I do miss home, and I want to see everyone again =[

Long time, no post...

Ok, so I haven't really used this site properly in a long while. But I figure, I should, I dunno, just feel like I should start getting some thoughts and crap down in some way before my head explodes.

Basically, I'm packing for Uni - and even though I'll be back at Christmas and Easter, and for like, months over summer, my parents have decided that this isn't my room anymore. I can't leave a SINGLE thing in it - it has to go either in storage, with me, or the bin. Their justification - Toy Story 3! Well, no not really, but Mum has used that in her defence. Mainly, she wants a spare room/office - nevermind we had one in the old house, and they choose a house with no spare room. Bahhhhhh.

But, on the plus side, I am almost packed - yayyyy!
Title: The Merlin Factor
Rating: PG?
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Spoilers: None
Summary: The X-factor with Arthur and Morgana as judges, and Merlin as a contestant.
Author's Notes: I was watching the Merlin season premier (SQUEEEEEE!) followed by The X-Factor and I just had to do this. The X Factor is a bit like American Idol, I've just swapped Louis Walsh with Arthur, and Cheryl Cole with Morgana. Lets just see where it goes lol.

Chapter 1Collapse )

27th Jun, 2010

Title: Imagine
Characters: Lily Evans, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Sirius Black
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Lily and Remus discussing wedding music, while James and Sirius get fitted. 
Pairings: Lily/James, Sirius/Remus
A/N: I don't know why, but I always see Remus and Lily as being friends before she got together with James.

ImagineCollapse )

Wiiiiiiiine time!!

I decided i should start posting again haha.

And writing again.

So sat at home in bed, bottle of wine next to me, watching Gone in 60 Seconds.

I should point out I <3 ;

Christopher Eccleston

Nicholas Cage

Angelina Jolie

Vinnie Jones!

I also have a craft box.

I'm going to make a fish!


7th Dec, 2007

My dad just threw a sheep at me.

He is clearly insane.

Also, I'm gonna be a sister again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Now, if mum and steve were having another kid i would be deeply wooried, but as its my insane father and his lovely wife i know the baby (possibly a girl! OMG totally want a baby sister!) is gonna be 1) totally adorable and 2) well behaved and un-spoilt! 

Oh im so excited!

22nd Nov, 2007

Y'know, being the youngest is great!

I never really had that before, oldest in school, oldest child etc but at work i am the baby!

And i get totally looked after, get bought chocolate and given sweets, and if i do something wrong they are all like 'its fine, dont worry!'.


I like where i work.

2nd Oct, 2007

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Hot Chocolate.

Finally watching House season 4, not even watched season 3 yet, apart from that one where house gives wilson the theatre tickets. Ahhh, poor deluded, yet quite manipulative, Wilson.  love love love

And Heroes! 

This is a good night. 

Well for the next week i will be in stockport....

Though still going to work :(

Its been AGES since i last posted.

Hmmmm, works quite good, everyone is insane which works for me. Birthday was quite good - House and DS - Best presents ever!

So yeah...